Sunday, June 28, 2009

Being Crafty with Patches

So before I became the crafter I am today, I used to rely on patches to show off my creative side...
remember in high school when back packs would be COVERED in patches...buttons, drawings, etc.

I found these cool sparrow patches at repro depot. Now a few years ago, Repro Depot was THE place for me to buy my fun fabric...I don't know WHAT has happened since, because now they are ridiculously overpriced (on average, $7 a HALF YARD!!). Well, back in their hey day, I got these cool patches. I decided to liven up a regular dickies style black shirt. Now it is super cool.

I love China Flats. I love my China Flats SO much that I have completely worn them out and my awesome friend Nancie, went to Chico and bought me new ones. I decided to spice them up a bit. I got these cool star patches from the local fabric store and went to town!

I got a pair of sword patches from a shop in San Clemente (actually, it is that shop with the over priced Virgin Mary Dress...the patches were completely reasonably priced...weird)...maybe I'll convince her to get me another pair and I'll dress them up with swords!

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