Sunday, June 21, 2009

Take off your pants and jacket

Ok, so I am NOT a fan of Blink-182, but still think it's a funny play on words to introduce you all to the wonderful world of pants!

Some of you may or may not have know that until the gaucho pant became popular, Miss Swingin Martinis Designs wore skirts and only skirts for three years straight. Until about a month ago, Miss Swingin Martinis Designs didn't even own a pair of jeans. Tragic, I think not.

Miss Nancie Nan had me wear a pair of her brown gaucho

pants for an episode of The Crippling Thoughts of Victor Bonesteel, and I fell in love...they were like skirts, but better because I wouldn't flash people during certain sitting activities and playing around. Well, as soon as I discovered I liked them, they were out of style and impossible to find in store. Sad times.

Then I learned how to sew, and I started making my own!

Here's what I came up with:

These pants were made using New Look's pattern #6596. The have an elastic waistband and are pretty roomy and
comfy. I made them out of some red striped suiting material I found in Idaho.

These pants are made using New Look's pattern #6733. They have a side zipper closure and a box pleat on each leg. I made them out of a heathered-ish grey suiting material I got in Oregon.

These pants are made using Butterick Fast and Easy Pattern #B4807. They are a pull on pant with a fold over waist. I made these out of white sweatshirt material I bought at Walmart in Chico for $2/yard. I'd like to find some light weight
stretchy knit and try a pair out of's proving hard to find.

I made these super awesome wrap pants from a pattern I found online. Since I am wider around than I am tall, I got the measurements wrong and ended up making mine a little wonky, but they still wrap and cover what they need to cover. I want to try again and make a shorter pair. I used a teal suiting material that I bought months ago to make a skirt out of, and never got around to it. I found this chick's blog and was SO excited to make them, I used the only fabric I had enough of!
They look like they pull weird in the back, but really, they are comfortable and roomy. I highly suggest NOT wearing them on a windy day, nor around people skiddish of the exposed upper leg. I may or may not have kneeled down to get something at work and showed off a lot more of my leg than the new guy wanted to see...hell, people in Chico PAID to see it, he should consider himself lucky :)

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