Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Update

I haven't written on here in a while...I guess that's good?

I have been pretty busy. I have been active in the alchemy world of etsy (which, if you aren't aware of the alchemy page, it's pretty sweet - people post what they would like made and people place bids on making that item...I get most of my business this way...)

I even got a job making a chick a skirt...I haven't really made clothes for other people with any success, so we'll see what she thinks!

I also got a sale from Twitter finally...I joined Twitter thanks to my friend Aimee (beachchicken.etsy.com) and really only used it to communicate with my friend Carly...but one day some chick needed a skirt, I said that I could help her and awesome-o, I got a sale!

I haven't done First Thursday in a while, but not because of a lack of interest, but more a lack of time! After I finished the production Nunsense, I started working back stage on Move Over, Mrs. Markham. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment...the show is hilarious, go see it, but apparently I don't like hanging out with my hubby or my dogs.

I have tried some new crafting techniques - like shirring...wow, what an adventure that turned out to be (stay tuned for pictures and more info).

I also made a pretty awesome dress for my cousin's wedding that I'll write about soon.

So I've been busy, but also have been wishing I had more time to make some stuff for upcoming events (my shop, First Thursday, and Hyde Park in September).

So even though my calendar is booked, hopefully I can bust out one new item a week (my new goal for June, which might just be a pipe dream.)

Wish me luck, bring me treats, or come by and help!