Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Being Crafty with Johnny the Dog

Yes, even Johnny, the 131 pound half black lab, half Chesapeake beast that is our now only child, is not safe from Swingin Martinis Crafty-ness! July 2nd is Mr. Johnny Cash's 3rd birthday, and he has cheap parents who would never spring for the expensive studded dog collars. But this year, Miss Shannonegans decided to one up the expensive studded dog collar circuit!
I MADE MY OWN!I bought a belt from our local wall-mart (someone gets bonus points if they can correctly tell me why I spelled walmart like that!) for a whopping $8.00 and away we went with the drill and some scissors!

Above is the belt, still in it's belt form.
This is the belt in all of it's dog collar glory!

So now you too, can have a pimp ass, punk dog who, at 131lbs, will scare the shiv out of intruders and other Ne'er-Do-Wells.

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