Sunday, September 5, 2010

I got inspired by someone else's blog!

This chick rules my world!

Read her blog!
She buys ghettotastic gear from thrift stores around Hollywood (rough life shopping in Hollywood) and turns them in to totally wearable goods!

I got inspired!
I went to the Church Thrift Store by my work the other day during my lunch break trying to find a Scrabble Game, a rotary phone, and a sheet to use as the back of my pirate quilt...I found none of those things but did find this:

A night shirt.

PS, it had longer sleeves...I forgot to take a picture before I got scissor happy.
I don't know if you know this about Swingin Martinis Designs, but we love vintage night things...I want bed jackets to make a come back a light summer jackets...I'm the only one who thinks this apparently...

Look at the cool embroidery around the top! This screams "show me to the world" and not "wear this kick ass top under your covers at night and sleep." So I am making the appropriate changes!
Anyway, I shortened the sleeves and took that extra material and added it to the bottom so I'd have a couple more inches of was just "that much" too short to wear without feeling like I was in a 90s midriff flashback.

I added elastic to the sleeves which was supposed to make them a bit puffier, but I guess I don't know what I'm doing because they are not puffier...I maybe shouldn't have added the elastic right to the edge...I also maybe should have made the elastic bigger to fit over my "buff" (some say fat) arms...and maybe, just maybe, there isn't enough fabric on the sleeves to accomplish that. Weird.

Speaking of Weird, I think someone wore this when they wanted to start a business....maybe a business woman of the night? Or someone's initials....because I'm constantly worried about someone stealing my pjs...or when I leave them on someone's floor, I want them to be promptly returned....maybe she should have added her phone number or email there goes me wearing the top button unbuttoned like a hoe ever....damn. I guess I'll have to save that for the next night shirt that I craft in to wearable clothing!

So that's it for my first "reconstruction" of a $1 Thrift Store find! I hope that there are more in the future, although the Hubs does not....he said I have too many clothes to begin with....he just doesn't know...