Friday, June 5, 2009

Expanding my craft part Eins

So I decided that a long time ago that I wanted to be proficient in many areas. I took woods shop and ceramics classes, and even within my theatrical night job I have worn the hats of Sound Board Operator, Light Board Operator, Spot light, singer, dancer, actor, choreographer, costumer, stage manager, assistant director, props, dramaturg, set designer, isher, box office attendant, and patron. Each job had it's pros and cons.

Well, I want the same kind of "exposure" in the craft world. I was pretty good at the "makeshift crafting." Nancie will attest that I never made or fixed anything in the "right" way - even thought I knew how to mend items, all of my clothes were held together by safety pins.

Hot glue has also been my weapon of choice for years. I still resort to it and the hubby has to veto it's use for the appropriate solution 9 times out of 10.

I have by no means mastered sewing yet - so I'm sure glad that my "make shift" crafting skills are there for the more "hassle-some" projects.

But there is a whole craft world out there that I don't even know about!

So in this series of posts, I'd like to explore the other crafts I have worked on, and others that I would like to try.

My Mother-on-law taught me to crochet on Super Bowl Sunday 2009. I'm still only able to make scarves and blankets and other square/rectangular goods.
Next in crocheting, I would like to leaen to make flowers. I found some patterns, but I have no idea how to read them - anyone want to lend their knowledge?!
And what about knitting? What's the difference besides the stick you use? Is one better/easier than the other!?
This is the scarf I started making - see - the long way it looks awesome, but when you look at it normally, you can tell that I need to be counting my loops...oops! Perhaps it gives it character!

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