Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tristan and his Tricked out Apron!

This is Tristan! He's 8 and wants to be a pastry chef when he grows up.

His super cool mom ordered this apron for him! Yeah yeah yeah, it's a little big, but he'll grow!

Hopefully when he's famous on the food network he'll remember the little folks that got him there :) Swingin Martinis Designs was there in the beginning to protect his clothes from the ravages of frosting!

Bella and her Britches

Here is my friend Chelsi's super cute daughter named Bella. She needed some bloomers to go with her pretty brown dress...a very magical dress indeed...ask me about it sometime.
Bella also needed cute flowers for her hair:
Rock on Bella! Thanks for struttin' your Swingin Martinis Designs goods!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New stuff to add to etsy!

Just some fun stuff to look at! I plan on putting it all on etsy next week when I'm not busy thinking about baby showers and aprons and choreography! Oh my!

More new projects!

A custom camera case to Australia!
She found this image and wanted it I did some make shift embroidery and it turned out pretty cool!
This is a fun make up brush roll from another custom request on etsy!
She was really nice and let me try my make shift embroidery on a name patch she wanted on there...
It turned out pretty cool!

This is an awful picture of some cherry potholders I made! I have three more sets of potholders on the back burner waiting to be pun intended :)

And a really awesome chickadee ordered this stylish make up bag! I'm kind of jealous and what one myself!

A heap of aprons!

We have two matching kid aprons for some cousins...yeah, I think they're cousins...
I bought this fun fabric MONTHS ago for kitchen curtains, but it didn't match our kitchen...I hear that the kids love that's nice! They are just 100% cotton, bias tape and D rings for an adjustable neck strap!

We have another kid apron...I think I'm making them too big though...that was a custom request on Etsy. Thankfully the mom is a little punk and she appreciates black for this basic, sturdy, 100% cotton apron. I got the mixer fabric online a while ago (see other post) and got to use it for a fun pocket!

This apron is another Etsy custom request, but all the way from Australia! It's waterproof too! I found this really awesome iron on vinyl! I made some coasters out of it once and have not had a problem, and outdoor place mats for my Grandma...
I just took a cotton fabric that she picked out online, ironed on the vinyl, added some bias tape and Voila!
This is for a woman who just got into Lapidary. I hope this works for her!

Go and say nice things about me!

I entered a contest where they pick the dyi wedding craft they like the most and it will be featured on Martha Stewart's wedding website as well as an etsy blog and maybe, just maybe, Martha herself will be so enthralled by my amateur sculpting skills to feature it on a segment in her show!
So go to the link above and say nice things and view it a million times and help your Swingin' Chickadee out!

Friday, August 14, 2009


This is what the Puppies do when mom is sewing and dad is at Beer Fest:

It's really rough for them.

I won't mention the french fries they got into right before this.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My First Crafty Event!

My first crafty selling event!

I joined an Etsy group, Idaho Indie Works, and they have a venue for Downtown Boise's First Thursday market and wine tasting! And after being a member for only a week or two, the let me join in on the festivites!

Look at all the goodies I had to sell!

It was so much fun! I got visited by a bunch of my friends and family and it was really nice to have so much support for something I've only been doing for about a year!

The prep was out of control though!
I took the day off of work!

I even got the hubby in on the action!

He also did the pin striping on my necklace board!

Here is the necklace board with necklaces on it :)

I got an old fram at the Thrift Store, painted it black, of course, then where the matting and glass usually goes I took a piece of foam board, covered it in some awesome fabric, and VOILA! Add some push pins and the hubby's sweet art skills...

He even cleverly rigged it to stand up by itself!

And look at the awesome new make up brush roll I made!

I was so proud of this until I melted it trying to get my label on :(

Long Story.

But it was such an adventure! Now I have all of the materials I need for more selling events! I am scheduled to do September and October's First Thursday events, the Bike race thing October 2nd-4th in Sun Valley in cooperation with Krazy Dog Catering, plus several Holiday Bazaars around the valley!

I hope to see you all out and about and come say hi!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Display

The sign! Glorious! I took some old Vinyl that my father in law has been pushing on us for months :) and added some sparkly vinyl letters - thank you Kesley from the A.S. Bookstore on teaching me how to print out cool fonts from my computer then cut the letters out form those "stencils".
Good thing my dyslexia only goes so far - last night, before the glue dried thankfully, I was "Swingin Martinis Desings." I don't plan on doing any Singing at these craft events.

And the hubs really pulled through this week! Thanks to Miss Courageous, I was given the idea to use a coat rack to display my purses (how to display them was actually starting to worry me). So I mentioned that to David, who mentioned it to his dad, the finder of all weird crap people may need, and TA DA!! Within an hour they found me a gem! It was brass and rusted with price tag sticker goo forever glued to it...but three cans of matte black spray paint and look at my new awesome purse rack!

Thanks hubby!