Monday, June 22, 2009

A productive night for Swingin Martinis Designs

So as I waited to pick my darling (I use the term loosely sometimes) husband up from work, I decided to visit a local bead shop nearby. Need to Bead is the shop I found and I must say the people were pretty nice and very helpful (not to mention there was a doggy sleeping in the corner, did I mention I like dogs?).
In my recent attempt to make kick ass necklaces, I have found an absence of chains available for some of the super cool charms I have found. So that was my main purpose in visiting Need to Bead. They indeed had the chains I was looking for. Their prices seemed fair enough, although I haven't done my research, so who knows what I'm smoking. I bought 17 inches of sterling silver plated brass for just over two bucks. It is the perfect host for the super pimp sparrow pendant I found.

See, pretty pimp, right!? Yeah. It'll be up on etsy in a day or so...sad for Shannonegans', but great for Swingin Martinis Designs patrons.

Now, when I saw the pewter martini glass, I just had to buy one! (or two!). Perhaps I'll even try to carry these regularly, you know, as like a namesake staple... Finding beads to match the pewter was a little tricky, but the nice sales associate was able to find these African Trade beads and they worked out great!

The same woman was even able to solve my split ring problem (that I was tearing my nails apart trying to split them to get charms through - long story short, I'm an ar-tard who had never heard of soldering them closed).

So if you are near Orchard and Emerald/Fairview in Beautiful Boise, stop by Need to Bead for all your beading needs.

And if you cared to know, this is a necklace I finished (after
giving up last night from my hour long fight with before mentioned soldered split ring). A ship steering wheel and an ancient inspired coin on a silver seed beaded necklace.
A pirate walks into a bar and he has a steering wheel in his pants. The bartender says "hey, pirate, you know yous gots a steering wheel in your pants?" And the pirate says "ARRR! And it's driving me nuts!"

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