Sunday, February 21, 2010

I have a new skill!

I decided in my recent flower purchasing adventures that I LOVE Ranunculus'!
I love them in my hair, I love them in the ground, I love them all over.
Anyway, I found a really cool site (which of course I can't find again) that gave a tutorial on how to make organza flowers and suggested plain circle petals to make the flower more reminiscent of Ranunculus'.
Here is what I cam up with!

I put one on a hair clip, and one on a pin back...
Thank you District Nine for being unengaging because this is what I decided to do instead of pay attention to you and your South African Aliens...

Friday, February 19, 2010


I never noticed how much I am surrounded by the stuff I have made until this afternoon. After I finished my super awesome new bag (

and then started putting my things into it...

my wallet

my camera bag

my make up bag


my pencil holder

I made all of those things!

I was also wearing a skirt I made and a headband I!
Now if I could only get my ass in gear to make things people want to buy and get them on etsy!

Aria Gets Cool Gifts for her Birthday!

Our oldest Niece, Aria, turned three this last week and I LOVE making girl clothes...I need to get better at boy clothes or the twins and Roegon will feel left out...
I made her a coat and a dress:

I used Simplicity Pattern #2745 for this super cute twirly coat!

I seriously want one of these for me! I love this fleece! I need to find more of it!

This might be the cutest dress ever! I used Simplicity Pattern #3588 (thank you 5 for $5 sale!)
I added piping to the front can't tell, but the neck/collar piece continues down the front and is sewn down all the way around...

I put tiny little bows on the - it's totally hard to tie a tiny bow...

She doesn't quite fit into it of these days I'm going to learn how to make things actually fit people!

Christmas Presents - Better Late Than Never

So once again, I decided to make a bunch of stuff for is some of the bounty I made!

A Super Hero Cape for our Nephew Roegon...we wrote and illustrated him a book in which he is Super Roegon, so of course he needed a cape to go with it!

Using Simplicity Pattern #9784 I made our new Niece Isabel this Pink Dress with a super cool Cinderella pinafore! This fabric I got from a woman in Australia as a sample...I got it in hot pink and's from Japan and super soft cotton...I don't really see what playing cards have to do with Cinderella, but it's cute so I keep my mouth shut...kind of...

Oh yeah, she got some bloomers too!
One day she might even be able to wear it...Aunt Shannonegans makes things too big...

The new twins, Reuben and Denny, get matching fleece can't really tell, but the hates are vintage inspired football hats...I used Simplicity Pattern #2523.

I used brown ribbon for the detailing and letterman jacket letters for the "H" (for "Herzbrun", their last name).

They look way adorable in them!

They aren't very good models...and they kind of look like Jedis...but still super cute! It's nice to know they wear them!

Pimp Ass New Messenger Bag!

Thank you!
I have been trying to make a messenger bag for a first attempt ended up being HUGE and went to the sister in law as a diaper bag...
Well, I actually red the tutorial this time and behold!!! :

So I used an old black sheet I had... and a lot of heavy heavy interfacing.

The image I LOVE and printed it on this really awesome "Photo Fabric" that I got from the fabric's kind of pricey, but it's well worth it (especially with a 40% off coupon!)

I just put my image in a word document and wait for it to "dry", then rise it out, then iron it and Viola!!!

I have a whole slew of funny pictures I want to make into messenger bags! I am sure I can convince the hubby that I need 18 messenger bags...