Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Wonderful World of Costumes! Part Un.

So I wasn't always a sew-er...I was more of a "I'm too broke to BUY what I want, so I'll just use my Crafty Magic and see what happens". Halloween was the culmination of said Crafty Magic.
I usually start thinking about my costume in November. Did I mention that I LOVE Halloween? Yeah.

So we'll start the journey into costume-y goodness with some oldies, but goodies.

First, we have the Brilliant "Princess Toadstool" costume. I may or may not be an old school Nintendo Nerd. So when I decided to be the Princess, it was on!

I had an old, white-ish dress that I had gotten from God knows where! I dyed it pink. Glorious!
So I will admit it, a lot of the costume was purchased - my tiara, white opera gloves, 5in white mary janes heels from Fredericks of Hollywood (I wanted to be tall!) but I did make my purse - which ended up being super pimp! After some issues with international sellers on ebay, I couldn't find a plush Bowser doll to carry with me, so I thought back to my childhood - playing Super Mario Brothers 2 - and me and my brother bickering because it's only a one player game - well remember how you'd have to fight the shy guys - with the various vegetables that you pull from the ground - the radishes, onions, pumpkins? Yeah, I made myself an onion purse! It was amazing! Complete with two puffy painted lines for eyes!

But wait, there's more!

I know the Princess didn't have a belt, but I needed something to signify Video Game Nerd-dom. I found a picture of a chick online who had this belt, and I liked it. Ribbon, felt, and more puffy paint eyes. It definitely tied the whole costume together!

But wait, there's even MORE!!

I got some iron on transfer paper and found the poisoned mushroom that said "game over" and slapped that on a pair of undies! Right on the bum! Only a very special few got to see those...

I also took little pictures of Goombas and Koopa Troopers and stuck them to my super awesome 5in mary jane heels. Those shoes are so much fun!

The Hubby and I were talking one day about Halloween costumes and babies. I said in three years when I have to have a kid, I'll lose some weight, squeeze back into the Princess Toadstool dress, he'll dress up as Mario, and Little Truman or Reagan will be King Koopa of Course!

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  1. very nice! i'm an old school nintendo fan as well. you're costume is pretty awesome! what other costumes do you have planned?