Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Weekend of a thousand purses!

One of my super awesome friends Melissa (read her blog too) sent the link to my blog and store to some of her friends. (um, can I take a moment and say that she, and the girls at work, have been instrumental in me getting off of my a** and getting my sewing going! Thank you!)Ok, Melissa sent those links to some of her friends and one of them, within 12 freakin' hours, placed an order! Rock on! I was all sorts of motivated! Another gal from work also placed an order, which just fueled the fire! So I went to the fabric store, bought some really cool fabric and was on my way!This weekend I made five purses, two make up bags, and cut of the pieces for three brush rolls! I love being productive! Here are some pictures of what I got accomplished!

This purse is made from an upholstery weight cotton and has a beautiful gold crepe back satin lining. All of these purses have a small snap closure and an 18-20 inch strap. The color of this red is really deep and pretty.

This is my "Keilana" purse! I was walking around the clearance rack at the fabric store, seeing if I could find any good deals (fyi, I found TONS). I found this purple spotted leather. I thought "who on EARTH like purple leather?!" Then I thought "I know some glam rock awesome punk chick's who would ROCK this purse, even if I don't have the balls to..."

See, even the lining screams "Glam Rock!"

This purse is much more classic with a black damask print and adorable pink button deatil.

I LOVE the lining. I have a zebra print purse planned with either this color on the inside, or pale green or teal blue. I can't make up my mind!

This is one of the purses that I made for Melissa's friend. The hubby said that it is one of the best ones that I've ever made. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm really into the two button detail this weekend. Good thing I bought all those buttons online!

Same lining color - I didn't realize that all the outter fabrics I chose had similar tones...must be a good one!

This is the second purse I made for Melissa's friend. I bought this fabric for an apron and really thought the print was too big for a purse this size, but it turned out great! I love both of them!

And did you notice how super awesome these pictures turned out? "Where did you take them at, Miss Shannonegans?" "Oh, just on my bed!" Super sweet.


  1. jesus... i want them all! it's like adult fucking pokemon but cool because these exist... and are prettier.... well it's nothing like it but for the addition part of little kids, except i'm a grown up....wait...

    point is...omg gorgeous!