Friday, June 5, 2009

Dresses and Such to Cover my booty Part Dos

This blog is all about the other dresses I have made from New Look Pattern 6457.

Ok, first off, don't make fun of me and my attempt to be 1. a pin up girl and 2. America's Next Top Model. Some people's dreams and body shapes don't match (like how I'm too short to be a Rockette).

For this dress I used view A (the white one, second from the bottom) and Alexander Henry's "tattoo" fabric. I ended up having to lengthen the bodice pieces to make me not look so squatty, and I pinched the front to create a gathered "sweetheart" affect.

I also used view A for this dress and Robert Kaufman's "Our Lady of Guadalupe" panel cotton fabric. I made this pattern as instructed and added cute little satin bows where the straps meet the bodice front.

Oh yeah, I also cut the pieces vertically instead of horizontally like the dress below, because I really didn't want to cut through the Virgin Mary's head, nor have her head right on my chest!

I found this same dress in a ship in San Clemente, Calif last April when visiting a friend (hey, it was actually Stephanie's wedding, which is why I made the first dress I ever made...funny how we've come full circle). Anyway, the exact same dress style, little bow detail, fabric, etc, was EIGHTY DOLLARS!!! Forget that! How much did I pay for the pattern? A dollar! How much did I pay for the two yards of fabric to make this dress? $16. I don't know where they got freakin' $80 ass dollars for this dress. Which is why I made it myself!
(Um, does anyone else find it amusing that I am wearing the first dress I made, because we were shopping before we headed out to Stephanie's wedding!)

First, please excuse the horrible picture. A fatty thunderstorm last night prevented me from taking a super awesome picture of my super awesome dress.

Ok. I ALSO used view A for this dress with a black cotton/polyester blend. The top leopard accent is velboa. I even added a bit of lace, gathered, at the bottom. Like the Tattoo dress, I lengthened the bodice pieces. Note to self when lengthening the bodice pieces on this pattern - widen at the bottom too - I made this dress SO SMALL around the waist the first time b/c I'm not as skinny as the pattern would like to think I am. Weird.

Lastly, I made this dress using view C - but like I did with the first dress I made, I changed it from a Halter to two straps.

I first made the dress and lined it in black - it looked AWFUL! But I had enough seersucker and enough patience to re do it and line it in that.
The black around the neck is just black satin ribbon. I made a belt out of the same ribbon (which I was a moron and forgot to put on when we were taking these pictures) but it really does make all the difference in the world...

I was inspired by this dress (please excuse the photo, it was taken from my camera phone is that same store in San Clemente, which obviously has way cool stuff, but I don't need to pay $60 for this dress).
Remember, like I could let you forget, that this is the pattern I used to make my first dress ever. Isn't it amazing how I can get 5 completely different dresses from ONE pattern! Best $1 I spent ever!

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