Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I like to trade!

So I tried out the Etsy Custom page and was so thrilled when I got my first order! Analog Buttons ordered the large "Jennifer Purse" (it's called the Jennifer Purse because my friend Jennifer is the one who came up with it). She communicated what she wanted well and instead of paying me cash, we traded! She makes really awesome buttons/pins with your logo or any other custom design on there. My original design wasn't that great in button format, so she drew something up for was amazing! I didn't chose her image, but the fact that she took the time to make me one was amazing! Once I did finally make my decision, she had my buttons made and in the mail in one day! And I got them two days later! Quick! I love my new buttons! And her prices are super reasonable! Even if we hadn't made the trade, I probably would have ordered from her! For 100 1inch buttons, it's only $20! Think of all the times you've paid a buck or even 50cents for a button with you favorite band logo!
So if you're ever in the market for buttons, go to her! She'll even share videos of her cat with you! She's also on MySpace!
Rock on Analog Buttons, rock on!

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