Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little bit of blasphemy, a little bit of AWESOME!

So remember my past post, the one that showed my virgin mary dress and the dress that inspired that dress...well let me tell you what! My Lady of Guadalupe is an inspiration to me almost everyday!
I decided that since I already made some Virgin Mary Potholders (with her in the kitchen, it won't be your last supper)...I should try something new, like a purse!

I used the same pleated purse pattern, but made it about 1/3 the size (the way the fabric is set up, the blue clouded panel I was planning on highlighting was only that big). It's approximately 7inches x 8inches.

Want to know the kicker? Somehow, in a moment of brilliance, I decided to make a rosary to go around the outside! Now I did my research with the big beads being Our Fathers and the small beads being Hail Marys and 5 sets of ten and yada yada yada...I, being Taoist, if anything, felt that I should leave the Rosary making to the professionals...besides, I didn't need mine that long. I still did hand assemble the beads with eye pins and everything!

So I don't know if I'm going to list it on etsy yet...a lot of Cherry Pepsi and a lot of Family Guy got me through the beading process...not to mention the fabric is kind of I really going to find someone who appreciates religious kitsch enough to spend maybe $30 on such a tiny purse? Any thoughts? Any takers?

Oh yeah, I added a tiny little cross to add a special touch.

Did I mention that each of the Virgin Mary panels are super pimp! This one has flowers and clouds and gold threads. I particularly love the black panel and the red panel. Perhaps I'll make purses out of those too...matching rosaries...pretty awesome if you ask me!

Oh yeah! The Virgin is Green! Kind of. I upcycled (if you appreciate pop crafty slang). The cloudy fabric on the inside was an old pajama top that I haven't worn in YEARS!!! I don't even know why I still have them...but I'm sure glad I do because they look great as the lining! Not to mention that sexy lady in a martini glass...I bet the Virgin just loves her inside of her.



  1. Man, I am a huge heathen, but even I want a Virgin Mary purse.

  2. Stevie, make bank this summer and I will sell one to you! I'm telling you, the black panel is should be on my flikr slide show...and it'd be black like your soul.

  3. Thanks Moondoggie! When I made my Virgin Mary Dress, I think my mother-in-law was dying on the inside a little. She told me at one point after I finished that she was worried for me, but realized that I'm awesome and wasn't trying to be she likes the dress now. I had to take that into account when making the title :)

  4. dude. that is pretty pimp. if i were a chick, i'd totally want one. perhaps you could do one with little "saint beads" on it. that too would also rock as well.

  5. Der Ganser, where can I find said saint beads?