Friday, June 5, 2009

Where the "selling" idea began

The Bottle Cap Hair clips!

I went to Camp Hollywood one year in L.A. and there was a vendor there who took old soda bottle caps and made them into hair clips. I bought two pair for a ridiculous amount of money.

I started looking at bottle caps in a crafty way after that. Now, I, being a cheap date and a girly drinker, saw all sorts of fun bottle caps! These Jack Daniels caps, Sierra Nevada, Smirnoff (which are fun because they come in a handful of colors), and Anchor Steam Brewing had the best bottle caps with little anchors on them!

Thank you Phil and the Chico Cabaret for having a bar! I have hundreds of bottle caps and I didn't have to drink basically anything to get all my awesome bottle caps! I think if Phil knew I made money off of his garbage, he might want a cut :) (Love ya phil!)
I have the bartenders save bottle caps for me for about a year (thank you Brother Jeff, Nancie, Allison). I glue them to hair clips that I got at the craft store and Bam! You have the coolest accessory EVER!
I made them for all sorts of friends for all sorts of reasons, and I tried selling them to a super cool store in Chico (that ended up being over rated now) but they wouldn't take them. If they only knew how awesome Swingin Martinis Designs is NOW! Their loss.
I have to send a couple pair to my photographer to get better picture, but these are still available for purchase, just email me for more details.

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