Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dresses and Such to Cover my booty Part Uno

This is officially the first dress I made!
My Super Awesome Friend Stephanie was getting married and I needed something super great to wear to the festivities! I had just learned the glory of the fabric store, Alexander Henry and pattern sales!

When I first started sewing, every fabric I picked off the shelf was designed by Alexander Henry. He is pretty much the bomb. If you are ever wondering "What should I get Miss Shannonegans" the answer is a couple of yards of almost anything of his!
This is what I picked that day:

Pretty much awesome, right!?

Anyway, during one of the super amazing pattern sales at the local fabric store ($10 for 10 is pretty much the most amazing deal ever!)

I picked out this one:

And really, I have used this pattern so many times, it was way worth the $1!

(PS - I used the red dress with the white tie pattern, minus the tie, and I made the straps not tie in the back, but I made them regular straps - I don't do halters).

So I started pluggin away at my first attempt to make a dress.

I think I was high for part of it because I remember having all of the pieces cut out and was planning on putting it together in an hour before I was to leave for a party. Needless to say I was late for the party and wore something else.

But I finished it the next afternoon and was so proud of it that I wore it everywhere! And thank goodness it was an easy patter or I might have never attempted anything like that again!

I still rock this dress as often as I can because 1. It's awesome, 2. It's the first one I ever made, and 3. It reminds me that even when I get frustrated with stuff - at one time I was able to accomplish something.

What was the first pattern you ever used?

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  1. that sure is a good lookin group of rock-stars up there!