Monday, July 20, 2009


So until I can get pictures from people I have made aprons for - here are some of the cool ones I have made!

This is one of the first ones I made form a pattern I found online. The pieces were kind of wonky...and I ended up finding the real pattern at the fabric store...but cool nonetheless!

This is the same pattern that I made for Vanessa, I just added some pockets...this is one I used from the pattern online - see how the pieces don't all match!?

This is fun fabric I found in the clearance section at the fabric store and I have no idea why! It's so cute!!! I made this from that same online pattern, but I only made a half apron from it...I ended up giving it to my sister in law - she likes aprons - but I'm jealous that I don't have it any more...

I also made this for my sister in law - jealous again that I didn't keep it :)

This is ANOTHER apron from that online pattern, but I actually used the real pattern instead...I found this beater fabric and it is just too awesome! I piped each petal - which was a pain in my arse, but it looks great! No one bought it on etsy, so I might just keep this one...

Coming soon are pictures of the Dia de las Muertas apron I made plus a few other retro awesome ones!

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