Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beautiful New Fabric!

Once Upon a Time, I found the site Repro Depot, thanks Mary Daguerre for the suggestion. I found super pimp Alice in Wonderland fabric, that, of course, just happened to be $15/yd. Let me Put this in prospective - I usually buy fabric that is $9/yard...and that's spendy.

So I show my dear friends this fabric, and we all go in on it...

We each paid our five bucks plus shipping, and I made us these matching purses...it was a complete coincidence that we were carrying them on the same night, a year later.

So I am browsing around etsy and find the COOLEST dress made out of that fabric - but she's charging $100 bucks for it! Well crap on that! Until I realized it probably cost her almost a hundred to make it!

Why is this fabric so expensive you ask? It's imported for Japan...it's luxurious! It's the nicest cotton I've ever hung out with.

So this chick lives in Australia and said she would sell me the rest of hers, plus some other stuff she got...how much is "at cost" in Australia!? $5/yard! OUT OF CONTROL!!! She sold me these three prints and I can't wait to do something super awesome with them! A dress? A purse? te he!

I will admit that I don't quite understand why the Cinderella fabric has card suits on them...but it's pretty so I don't care!

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