Monday, July 6, 2009

Patterns - A bit of Inspiration

So as I sit here reading my local fabric store flyer, I see the glorious Ten Patterns for Ten Dollars Sale! So of course I go down to said local fabric store and I pick out a few, or seven.
So then I start thinking, "when on EARTH am I going to have the time to make all of these things!" Let alone the dozens of patterns I have purchased in the past...and let's not forget the wealth of patterns/tutorials/etc they have on the Internet! What is a girl to do?!
So in a moment for brilliance at work today, I came up with the idea of scanning all of my pattern envelopes and making a slide show out of all of them for my viewing public!
For example, I have four to five different apron patterns. If someone wanted an apron, they could look at my slide show and see what I have at my immediate disposal. Nice, right!? Well, what if I offered to make someone a birthday gift, but they didn't want something necessarily from my etsy store? Then they have to ask, "What all can you make?" Well I can't really tell them EVERYTHING I've would be hasslesome :) and tedious. What a great way to get some inspiration if they had something to look at!
So I spent most of my night scanning pattern envelopes instead of taking pictures of my new awesome purses...nerd, right?
So On this blog, near the slide show of my fabric, you can see the slide show of my patterns! And tell me what you think of it - we tried getting a little creative...tell me if it's lame or not...thanks!

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