Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Pimp New Messenger Bag!

You may remember my last post about a pimp new messenger bag....



Check Here then come back to us...

See...pretty cool....

But I use it a lot at work and it was starting to die....not die so much as need a make over...and it doesn't help that it got in a fight with a bottle of cocoa butter lotion and it has stains all over's still a hard worker...but I was in the mood for something new!

So I made a new messenger bag!

It's huge! It has some awesome pockets! Great lining! Super sturdy! and le piece de resistance: A SEAT BELT FOR THE STRAP.

Pimp. I know.

So here are some pictures of my new work....

Yes the front isn't very flashy....I might add a few pins, but I liked it simple.

The inside pockets are lined with a grey flannel
One large pocket and two small ones in the inside.

Who added a special Water Bottle pocket!? This guy!

More of the inside.

On the front it has two large pockets.

Awesome side pocket.

Awesome other side pocket with snap!

Snap Closed. It's blurry :(

Back blew my friend and I's mind how to do this...then we said "we built an effing Octopus! You think we'd be able to insert a pocket!?" And we did!

Back pocket all zipped up.

The Best part! The seat Belt I found on ebay! I hope to be able to get to junk yards/etc to find more of these!

Little Hook Closure for the front flap.
And that's it! I hope to be able to make more and get better at it! Next step is trying to find the pieces to make the strap adjustable!
Thanks for looking!

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