Monday, October 11, 2010


That is right folks! I'm giving you a sneak peak at my Halloween costume!
Mostly because I just put the three layers together and it is BAD ASS!!!

Inspired by one bad ass Disney villain! I decided after months and himming and ha-ing over what to be, I came across this picture and my mind was made up!

Now personally, the chick who plays Ursula on Broadway is WAY much so that despite her FANTASTIC costume, I will NOT be seeing this show if I happen upon New York soonly. Yeah.

Now, I don't dick around when it comes to Halloween...have you seen my previous posts?! You should go look...


So I had to out do myself this year as well. And in doing that means making my own costume...not purchasing this piece of shiit that Disney pawns off as a legitimate portrayal of Ursula the m.f. sea witch!


So I decided to enlist the help of my super talented friend Megan.

That's her being a bad ass in our production of Bye, Bye, Birdie. Yeah, I say "Megan, wanna be passed along like a hoggie!?" She says "sure!" I say "Megan, wanna let me use your mad design skillz for a pair of tentacles!?" She says "of course!" I did pay her in Salmon Fettuccine, so everybody wins.

Step one: the hoop skirt.

Don't judge. It's my first time making something like this with form, etc. I used 1/2 in plastic pipping from Home Depot.

Yep, David got in on the Action too!

So here is my sad attempt at a hoop skirt:

I know...I know...I had a pattern too...eek...good thing it goes underneath! I had to make some stuff up as I wasn't using boning...that shiv is not strong enough to hold up my tentacles...

Don't judge me.

Step two: The over skirt (which will go under my tentacles).

It is made from this super awesome sheer material that when you look at it one way, it's blue, and when you look at it another way, it's green! Way bad ass. Don't tell David, by my initial plan was to have the skirt made from blue cotton...easily a $10 skirt...this cost a little bit more...but bad ass Halloween fabric at 60% off was calling my name...I couldn't let it down!

Step three: The Tentacles!

The tops are made from black on black somethin-or-another...some kind of Halloween fabric, also 60% off. Black fabric with glittery black flocked swirls.

The underside is a purple suede like polyester. The plan is to have wires in them so they curl up and around. Suction cups too...what kind of octopus doesn't have suckers?!

Still missing is the bad ass webbing between each's this sheer material that when you look at it one way, it's green, and when you look at it another way, it's purple! Yeah...Megan picked it out...and is also why blue cotton wasn't going to fly as the just wasn't awesome enough to match the webbing!

The whole tentacle skirt has a zipper up the back and is stuffed with three huge bags of polyfiberfil. Eventually there will be a waistband, but I have to get the wires in first...which David said he'd help on....but he's asleep on the couch right now. I might need to make more Fettuccine for Megan!

On top I will not be wearing my teal hoodie, but rather the bad ass corset that NancieNan made me for my Halloween costume last year. I also took some sculpey and made a sea shell necklace like the one Ursula keeps Ariel's voice in....bad ass!

I still don't know how to do my hair. I have closing night of my show, so I don't get a whole lot of time...not too one is going to be looking at my hair...

So there you have it folks! You don't have to be a drag queen to be Ursula for Halloween. despite what google images tells you!

PS: Can someone please tell me why when you search "Disney Ursula" I got a bunch of Mermaid porn depicting Ursula with legs and one tentacle? Use your imagination...or search for it yourself...weirdo.

So keep yourself tuned in to see this bad ass costume come to life!!

I am so stoked right now!

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