Friday, February 19, 2010

Christmas Presents - Better Late Than Never

So once again, I decided to make a bunch of stuff for is some of the bounty I made!

A Super Hero Cape for our Nephew Roegon...we wrote and illustrated him a book in which he is Super Roegon, so of course he needed a cape to go with it!

Using Simplicity Pattern #9784 I made our new Niece Isabel this Pink Dress with a super cool Cinderella pinafore! This fabric I got from a woman in Australia as a sample...I got it in hot pink and's from Japan and super soft cotton...I don't really see what playing cards have to do with Cinderella, but it's cute so I keep my mouth shut...kind of...

Oh yeah, she got some bloomers too!
One day she might even be able to wear it...Aunt Shannonegans makes things too big...

The new twins, Reuben and Denny, get matching fleece can't really tell, but the hates are vintage inspired football hats...I used Simplicity Pattern #2523.

I used brown ribbon for the detailing and letterman jacket letters for the "H" (for "Herzbrun", their last name).

They look way adorable in them!

They aren't very good models...and they kind of look like Jedis...but still super cute! It's nice to know they wear them!

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