Friday, February 19, 2010

Aria Gets Cool Gifts for her Birthday!

Our oldest Niece, Aria, turned three this last week and I LOVE making girl clothes...I need to get better at boy clothes or the twins and Roegon will feel left out...
I made her a coat and a dress:

I used Simplicity Pattern #2745 for this super cute twirly coat!

I seriously want one of these for me! I love this fleece! I need to find more of it!

This might be the cutest dress ever! I used Simplicity Pattern #3588 (thank you 5 for $5 sale!)
I added piping to the front can't tell, but the neck/collar piece continues down the front and is sewn down all the way around...

I put tiny little bows on the - it's totally hard to tie a tiny bow...

She doesn't quite fit into it of these days I'm going to learn how to make things actually fit people!

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