Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Display

The sign! Glorious! I took some old Vinyl that my father in law has been pushing on us for months :) and added some sparkly vinyl letters - thank you Kesley from the A.S. Bookstore on teaching me how to print out cool fonts from my computer then cut the letters out form those "stencils".
Good thing my dyslexia only goes so far - last night, before the glue dried thankfully, I was "Swingin Martinis Desings." I don't plan on doing any Singing at these craft events.

And the hubs really pulled through this week! Thanks to Miss Courageous, I was given the idea to use a coat rack to display my purses (how to display them was actually starting to worry me). So I mentioned that to David, who mentioned it to his dad, the finder of all weird crap people may need, and TA DA!! Within an hour they found me a gem! It was brass and rusted with price tag sticker goo forever glued to it...but three cans of matte black spray paint and look at my new awesome purse rack!

Thanks hubby!

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