Saturday, February 19, 2011

The BEST Scrapbook EVER!!!!

Oh man.

This Album changed my life.

I initially bought it at some Thrift Store in Boise.  It had a funny cover, haha, it would make a fun Scrapbook.

No. (Well, yes...but wait, there is more!)

It came with a booklet!  A booklet full of AWESOMENESS!!!!

So I included the Booklet within the scrapbook pages...

Oh man...I kind of wanna keep this...

Here are the Super BA pictures:

 COME ON!!!! This Lady is AWESOME!

 Front Cover

 Inside Front Cover

 Front Cover Close Up

 Front Page of Booklet, within the scrapbook pages

 Back Cover

 Back Inside Cover and Last Page of Booklet

 One of my Favorites!


So there it is.  I am putting it in my Etsy Shop through the tears of me and my husband.  I am TOTALLY going to scour eBay to find another one!

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