Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shorty needs a new skirt!

Once Upon a Time...
I found a super pimp zebra print skirt at a store in So. Cal.
Yeah, well I don't buy anything that's $50...so I decided to make myself one.
The hard part - Finding the right fabric. Not cotton, not faux fur...hmmmm...
So "thank you" Halloween because I found the fabric at the fabric store in the costume fabric section!
It's some sort of stretchy suede!

Problem number two - the pattern.
In order to fit properly around my booty, I needed a bigger size than appropriate for my height.
Apparently I have the a** of someone 8 inches taller than me.


Now, Presto, Chango!

(Ruth wanted to get in on the picture taking fun.)


  1. hahah. i hear yah about the booty to height ratio!

    -- vanessa

  2. Love the new zebra skirt!